Metric Week in South Carolina 2018 (October 7-13)

On October 3, 2018

Celebrating Metric Week in South Carolina 2018 (October 7-13) is a very important opportunity for K-12 students. We encourage metric system activities during and after Metric Week. (Some easy-to-use ideas on celebrating Metric Week are available online at:  (Click on Programs then Metric) or  (click on South Carolina Academy of Science Founded 1924) then click on Metric, top of page. Also USMA Site is a good site for information.

As you know, companies (which will eventually employ many of our students) are gradually producing products to metric system standards. This means that the jobs of tomorrow will require employees to be able to use metric units.

Others on website  they are: (5) – (13)

(5)  The Scale of Things (metric and Nanotechnology)

(6)  Metric Test for upper Elementary and Middle School Students

(7)  Correct usage of Metric Symbols

(8)  Metric True/False Test

(9)  Metric Activities for Students in South Carolina pages = 2

(10)  Wall Chart for your School could be designed by your Art class.

(11)  Some questions that Challenge. Grades six and above.

(12)  Answer Key to Some questions that Challenge

(13)  SI Metric Prefixes and how to pronounce

The South Carolina Metric Proclamation is distributed to all public and private schools in SD and is recommended and approved by the South Carolina Academy of Science (SCAS), coordinated with the Office of Metric Programs at the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), part of the U.S Department of Commerce and the Center for Science Education at USC.