School Counselors

The mission of the Saxe Gotha Elementary School Guidance and Counseling program is to provide every student with a comprehensive, developmental counseling program. The program will help every student be successful in their academic, career and emotional/social development. The school counselors will be advocates for students and help them be successful in their academic achievements. The school counselors will work with other school professionals and the community to ensure that all students are prepared to be 21st century learners and leaders in their community.

What do we provide?

Developmental Guidance Curriculum– Classroom guidance lessons and activities that promote growth and development and improves their life skills and mental health. Students will also have the opportunity to join small groups that focus on specific topics, such as; diversity, conflict resolution and healthy living.

Individual Planning- Activities that help students plan, monitor, and manage their own learning as well as their personal and career development.

Responsive Services- Address immediate needs and concerns of students, whether these needs or concerns require personal or crisis counseling, consultation, referral, or information.

What we offer to Parents, Teachers and Administrators:

  • Literature and Information in our office or upon request
  • Consultation
  • Referral to community resources

Ways for a student to see their School Counselor:

  • Self-referral
  • Parent referral
  • Teacher referral
  • Administration referral

School Counseling Staff:

Meghan Snipes, Ed.S.

Grades: 2nd, 5th, Half of 3rd (Van Pelt, Nuovo, Anderson)


Andrea Slice, M.Ed

Grades: 1st, 4th, Half of 3rd (Day, Bundrick)


Brittany Degnan, M.S.

Grades: 4K and 5K


Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions for our school
counseling program. We are always looking for ways to improve our
performance and better serve our students. School Counselors adhere to
the American School Counselor Association’s Code of Ethics and South
Carolina State Department.

Ms. Degnan’s Counseling Corner